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Ravulous is a knitting / crochet project browser app for users of Log in with a Ravelry account on your phone or tablet, and you can:* **NEW** see projects for a pattern* favourite, queue, purchase and download patterns* view your favourite patterns and projects* stash new yarns* upload photos to projects and stashed yarns directly from your phone! (No longer requires Ravelry Photo Uploader)* receive notifications when you get new Ravelry messages and unread forum replies* search for patterns and yarns by name, and look at photos and yardages required* look at your queued projects, with recommended yarn and yardages required - handy for yarn shopping!* see your project details and edit your project notes* see your friends' projects* share project photos on twitter/google+/email/facebook* admire your stash - check yardages of yarn you already have* see an inventory of your needles and hooks* once you have looked up something in your projects, queue, stash, needles&hooks, you'll be able to access it offlineWant to know more? Have comments or issues? Come and join the Ravulous group on Ravelry!:
NB. Ravulous is not affiliated with Ravelry. It is written by an independent developer who likes knitting. It is never going to be anything like as good as, but it complements it by offering some useful on-the-go features optimised for mobile devices.